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We offer technical excellence and quality, creative and strategic designs, with a focus on ecological and environmental constraints. We provide a full range of lighting services and specialise in providing lighting design and lighting impact assessments for the planning stage, overcoming constraints to achieve a successful outcome.

Lighting Design

Interior, exterior and street lighting design for all applications

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Lighting Impact Assessments

We are specialists in providing Lighting Impact Assessments, taking into consideration obtrusive light, light pollution and impacts on wildlife

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Daylight Analysis and Assessment

Climate Based Daylight Modelling, Daylight Factor calculations for BREEAM, and Daylight Sunlight and Overshadowing Assessments

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“Bonnie & Mike (Illume Design) provided us with a fast, professional & friendly service to meet our planning deadlines for a light emission survey, in an Ecologically sensitive area – when larger businesses had let us down.
We would without hesitation recommend Illume design to anyone requiring such a survey.”


“We worked extensively with Bonnie during 2017/18. She was engaged to design the lighting systems for our new build high-end residential home due to be finished April 2019 in Topsham Devon.

Our needs were to incorporate into the house designs a fully developed lighting design that would address Rosemary’s macular degeneration, now and into the future. Thus not only was the need for a higher level of lumens that might be otherwise needed, it was also for those lumens to be capable of being increased if the degeneration worsens. But macular degeneration does not only require more lighting, it requires avoidance of glare and identification of contrast. When first presented with these client led needs, Bonnie excelled by plunging into self-education so that she could understand the needs and thus develop robust responses. Over a period of months, she developed the design and having listened well to our comments further developed her own thinking, her designs and worked with supply chain partners to identify the luminaires appropriate to the design. And when such supply chain partners did not rise to the challenge, she quickly moved on to others. She is thus well networked where it matters. So in the end we were part of a process that saw Bonnie develop not only a comprehensive design but also a comprehensive requirements list and a qualified supply chain.

And just as importantly, we found Bonnie to be great person with whom to work; a good listener, someone who delivered her proposals on time and was able to explain the technical aspects well to non-technical clients. She is confident in her knowledge of her domain, disciplined and persistent. She brought ideas from other projects but was not afraid to start again and think things through from the beginning. It’s a pleasure to go into a meeting with Bonnie knowing you will come out more knowledgeable and nearer your goal as her client.

Work continues to build the house so we are yet to enjoy the design but we are confident that Bonnie has made a very significant contribution to our enjoyment of our future home.”


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